Thursday, 11 November 2010

The List


  1. Right, Pikey I have a few issues of my own. Namely Manchester United fans who sit on their couch 200 miles away from Old Trafford blowing red smoke out of their arse.

    Granted the atmosphere at the arsenal game was shit, but we were sat in the family stand next to the arsenal away fans, which was the worst place to be sat in. Was it not much better in the Matthew Harding stand for the Marseille game when we stood and chanted for 90 minuets. I wonder what the atmosphere's like at Old Trafford these days, you can tell me next time you visit... i won't hold my breath.

    Finally, yeah we probably have had a lot more supporters post Abramovich but thats natural and to be expected. After-all Look at the hordes of plastic supporters that 'follow' Man Utd and Arsenal. Chelsea still retains its character and charm to those who new it pre-Abramovich days.

  2. toulson you are superb value.
    but i do believe ive already owned your arguemnts on facebook chat.

  3. Think what you want it's your blog lol.. you never did get back to me with that stat???