Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Anything and everything, pt II

Ok, well, those of you that know me will know that I like to do certain things differently. Whether that be my choice of footwear, my choice of pool cue case, or whatever. Another thing I like to do that's a little strange concerns fast food restaurant drive-thru sections. My mum would consider even going to a fast food restaurant strange in itself, but what I'm talking about is a little more adventurous than that.
There aren't too many different things that can be done in places like this, I suppose you could walk through pretending to be a car or something, but I've never done that. What I do, only when the time is right, is drive through in reverse. The looks on people's faces are hilarious, not that I look at them too often as I know what a complete retard I must look so I get all shy. It is pretty funny though, just sitting there staring straight at the car behind (technically in front) as they wonder what on earth is going on.
I'm not sure why I do it really, I don't like being the centre of attention or a show off, although some people might disagree there. I just like to brighten up people's day by doing something a bit different that will make people sit up and notice. No harm in that.
So anyway, the reason why I'm writing this is because a couple of weeks ago I tried this trick at the McDonald's drive-thru in Eastbourne. I'd done it there once before with Adam Toulson, and it worked without a hitch. The no-hoper working there even managed to crack a joke about how we should, "reverse to the next window to collect our order." Adam and I both laughed and on we moved.
But this time, things didn't go so well. I was with Adam again, as well Sean, Becky and Katherine. I'm not sure if any of the other three knew I'd ever done it before so they probably thought I was a total mug. It was about half seven on a Thursday evening, which meant pool league started in half an hour. Time was of the essence so the queue that had formed before we arrived wasn't what we needed. But there we sat, waiting, trying to avoid the inquisitive looks of the people in the car behind/in front of us.
Eventually we got to the order window and Adam wound down his passenger side window to start talking. This is where things started to get ugly. In addition to the usual amoeba who sits there taking your order, a person, who was clearly the big dog, stood there, stern-faced, ready to unload. I can't remember all of what he said exactly, but it was aggressive and something along the lines of, "We're not serving you, you've been acting recklessly, you could have hit another car."
Not really one to take something like this lying down, I told him what I thought, and was promptly told that the police would turn up if I didn't get off his property. Sadly, upon hearing that word, my guilty conscience kicked in, and I gave him one last barrage before moving away, with my metaphorical tail between my legs. If only I'd thought to say to him, "Ok sure, you call the police down here cos I'm sitting facing the wrong way, posing no threat to anyone. They'll laugh you out the town."
But no, instead I reversed out of the lane and thought to myself, "Wow, Sean, Becky and Katherine must think I'm a twat right now."
"So, what we gonna do now?" I asked. No one really seemed to know, so I went to the standard McDonald's in town, Sean and Adam got all our meals while the rest of us sat outside, and that was it. On we moved to pool, where we gave up a 5-2 lead to draw 5-5. Not a good night by all accounts.
On a brighter note, this past Sunday saw CCCFC's second ever win in the five-a-side league. Considering our first win came in our very first game, and this was our fifteenth game, it was long overdue. As seasons are seven games long, this game was the first game of our third season, so you could say it was timed very well as it puts us in a good position to kick on this season.
You could view it as a coincidence, or perhaps, more correctly, a mark of how bad a certain team is, that both our wins have come against the same team. They go by the name of Sons of Pitches, and they really do play like sons of, well you know. When we met a few months ago, we won 7-3, with myself scoring five and wasting a hatful more chances. We met again two weeks ago, towards the end of the second season, with the result this time being 6-6. Having been 4-1 up at half time, putting me in goal for the second half had a detrimental effect both defensively and offensively.
Clearly, defence in these games is at a premium. Well it was up until this weekend anyway. The return of Steve Hulks from uni coincided with a stark upturn in defensive capabilities. The experienced, talkative five-a-side veteran turned in a top class display, which, when combined with the legendary Cliff Stephens, provided the stability for me and Dom Peter to run free up top. Steve capped his display by adding two goals, one of which was clinically turned in on the half-volley from a tight angle, while Dom also added a brace. I scored the other goal, a superb team effort which featured at least one pass from every player. Bit of a poor effort from me on the goals front, but I spent most of my time on the floor having been hacked down if truth be told. I can remember getting crunched at least five times, but never mind.
So anyway, five goals for us, but how many did we concede? None. The first clean sheet in the history of CCCFC. Harry Stephens kept admirably and laid down the marker for whoever goes in goal this week. The 5-0 win put us top of the table, but only just, as this week sees us pitted against a team who won 5-1 last weekend, and who beat us 7-1 last season. Hopefully we can improve on that display given our new-found confidence. I feel the key lies with Mr Hulks.

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